At Abiding Hope Preschool and Kindergarten, we recognize that each child is blessed with special talents and gifts. Through guidance, education,  and the love of God, each child can freely share those gifts with the rest of the world.

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Why Abiding Hope

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Why is Abiding Hope Preschool & Kindergarten one of the premier preschool and kindergartens in Colorado—because we provide a balanced approach to learning.  We give you the peace of mind that your child will have fun as they develop in a safe environment where they are engaged and challenged.  We give your child the tools to become confident and self-aware, in a caring and stimulating atmosphere.

Programs & Curriculum

Joyful friends

At Abiding Hope Preschool & Kindergarten we believe in nurturing the whole child by meeting their social, emotional, physical, and intellectual needs so that they can learn and grow every day. Every activity and lesson in our classrooms is created to help your child explore, share and  develop in a safe and supportive environment. Learn more about how we prepare your child for success in school and beyond.

Summer Camp


Abiding Hope Preschool & Kindergarten offers a summer filled with exploration, adventure, and fun!  Your child will be provided with thematic units such as art, the great outdoors, science and many more.  Our older explorers go on field trips around town;  a school bus transports them to places such as The Denver Museum of Nature and Science, The Downtown Aquarium, theaters to see plays and many other adventures.

As part of our curriculum, we have individualized instruction, P.E., Creative Arts/Sciences, and Music

What we care about…

Each classroom at Abiding Hope Preschool & Kindergarten includes a Christ-centered environment that nurtures each child’s gifts and helps each child grow socially, academically, and in faith.  Children will build relationships with God, friends, and adults, which will equip them to be the Heart, Hands, and Feet of Jesus in the World.  Each classroom’s curriculum design is based on Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory.  Each person has capacities in each of the intelligences and each intelligence is unique and functions differently with each person.  For exposure, development, and strengthening of these intelligences the teachers use a variety of tools, provide an enriched environment, individualized instruction, and continual support and encouragement.

A description of each intelligence is as follows:


  • Linguistic Intelligence:

    Language development, sight words, leveled books, decoding strategies, readers/writers workshop, journals, independent reading.

  • Logical Mathematical Intelligence:

    Counting, patterning, number sense and recognition, graphing, sequencing, time, money, mathematical vocabulary, basic addition and subtraction, etc…

  • Spatial Intelligence:

    Artistic mediums and expressions (paint, chalk, drawing, sculpting, drama, etc…)

  • Musical Intelligence:

    Pitch, imitates rhythm patterns, performance, composition, recordings, instruments explore tonal patterns, remembers melodies, follow basic musical direction while playing instruments.

  • Interpersonal Intelligence:

    Relationships with God and people; weekly chapel, team building, leadership development, peer relationships.

  • Intrapersonal Intelligence:

    Relationship with self, emotional development (child feels valued & secure, develops self esteem, a sense of purpose, learns to be a self-starter and self-directed).

  • Naturalistic Intelligence:

    Scientific exploration; space, dinosaurs, insects, hatch eggs, human body, senses.  Scientific experiments; air, atoms, buoyancy, atmosphere, chemical reactions, etc…

  • Existential Intelligence:

    Learns through deep questioning; can place self within time and space.  Experiences such as love of another human being or total immersion in a work of art.


We can tell you about the experience for your family at Abiding Hope Preschool & Kindergarten, but you should hear from some of our biggest fans, including parents like you. These are real remarks from parents who trust us with the care and education of their child.

All of the teachers and staff embrace and truly live the belief of “meeting each child where they are.” Over the years, I have appreciated my sons’ teachers willingness to give each of my boys the extra attention they needed when they needed it as well as their willingness to have open, honest and supportive conversations about their progress. My oldest now thrives in primary school. He was well prepared both academically and socially thanks to the teachers at Abiding Hope.

Without reservation I would recommend Abiding Hope to any family looking for a high quality preschool.


Abiding Hope Preschool & Kindergarten is the most loving, nurturing, and caring school I have ever walked into. You can feel it as soon as you walk in the door. All of the staff is there because they love children and want them to learn.

The science and music programs are wonderful my son can’t stop talking about them.


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